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About Khatu Masale

M/s. Khatu Masale Udyog a proprietary firm registered with Govt. of / Maharashtra, Directorate of Industries as SSI unit bearing No. 1120021032 . PMT SSI dated 29th August 1990 and engaged in the manufacturing and processing activity of chilly & Turmeric Powder, Garam & Goda Masala etc. The firm has also obtained certificate from water pollution Control Board.

The Factory was earlier situated at Guhagar opp S. T. Stand however in the year 1995 the factory premises shifted to Patpanhale at survey No. 56 Hissa No. 2-B. Kondwadi Village Patpanhale about 5 Km from Guhagar. On Guhagar – Chiplun Road. admeasuring 40.88 Gunthas With RCC construction and shed covered about 10164 sq feet including office, production room, storages etc.

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The Proposed project will be launched with taking into considerations of the demand of various consumers of all Maharashtra state. Presently the production of all spices during the year ended 31.03.2010 was 182931 Kg which is requirement of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg District and part of Raigadh and Satara District. The requirement of the Maharashtra state will be around 5 to 6 fold of the production of the last year hence with, the intension to increase the production modern, advanced and sophisticated technology, updated machinery to erasure quality products and handsome packing at a reasonable rate is essential . The process of manufacturing involve Cleaning, Drying. Grinding and packing of finished stock of spices.

Scope and future of the Project

The project is an expansion to the existing unit at Patpanhale Tal. Guhagar. The promoter / proprietor of M/s. Khatu Masale Udyog observed that existing unit is insutticient to catter the existing demand of the consumers / Retailers’ of present command / service area and however we intend to satisfy demand of entire Maharashtra hence we require to produces 5 to 6 fold of various masala produced in current / previous year. We are having around 45 products of various types of spices and in various packing which are given ahead. The unit has also intend to increase various products and various packing in order to meet requirement of consumers testes of spices loving people.

Spices, being the essential part of the food preparation have become the necessity. of housewife caterer in the Kichen. These are also required by hotels, Restaurant and catering industries which is rapidly expanding. The Brand name “ Khatu Masale ” has already been well establish and earned good market reputation in the Kokan Area and some part of Satara District with ambition to establish in the entire Maharashtra state and entering in metros like Bombay and cities like Kolhapur, Pune, Nasik, etc. hence the project is having bright future.


Mr. Shaligram Shantaram Khatu an enthusiastic foresighted person is the promoter of the project. He is running the unit of spices production from the year 1980 and his spices are branded as “ Khatu Masale”. Mr. Shaligram Khatu is in this line of business for last 30 years. He has started the business in small size and developed gradually and presently he is having market almost 80% of the market share in Ratnagiri and 50%. Share in sindhudurg District and 30% market share in Raigadh District. His ambition to enhance his share in the present market and secure sizable share in entire Maharashtra. The promoter / proprietor has a good technical knowledge. He has himself developed formulas of various spices. His both sons who are looking to the farm are aware of the trend of business and one son in knowing the functioning of Machinery and having knowledge of repairing in care of need and other son is master in the production portfolio. Mr. Khatu very well knows the machinery requirement for the project and to handle the same. He has wide experience in this line and as a result, he has well established contacts with raw material suppliers, prominent dealers and customer.

Our Most Popular Masale

In the modern society, ready made spices are very popular both in urban as well as in rural areas, in the riches class and poor class. These are available in different variations viz. Punjabi, malvani etc. so ready made spices have large demands from all the section of the population.