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M/s. Khatu Masale Udyog a proprietary firm registered with Govt. of / Maharashtra, Directorate of Industries as SSI unit bearing No. 1120021032 . PMT SSI dated 29th August 1990 and engaged in the manufacturing and processing activity of chilly & Turmeric Powder, Garam & Goda Masala etc. The firm has also obtained certificate from water pollution Control Board.
The Factory was earlier situated at Guhagar opp S. T. Stand however in the year 1995 the factory premises shifted to Patpanhale at survey No. 56 Hissa No. 2-B. Kondwadi Village Patpanhale about 5 Km from Guhagar. On Guhagar – Chiplun Road. admeasuring 40.88 Gunthas With RCC construction and shed covered about 10164 sq feet including office, production room, storages etc.

Why Choose Us ?

We understand that great food begins with exceptional ingredients, which is why we work closely with local farmers and spice experts to maintain the highest standards of quality. From the vibrant colors of our turmeric to the aromatic fragrance of our cumin, each spice reflects our commitment to excellence and purity.

Khatu Masale offers a wide range of spices that cater to diverse palates and culinary preferences. Whether you’re a fan of the fiery heat of chili powder, the warm aroma of garam masala, or the subtle complexity of our custom spice blends, we have something to suit every taste and recipe.

Our dedication to quality goes beyond just the ingredients. At Khatu Masale, we employ modern processing techniques and stringent quality control measures to ensure that our spices retain their freshness, aroma, and nutritional value. Each pack is carefully sealed to preserve the integrity of the spices, guaranteeing a consistent and delightful experience with every use.

What Sets Us Apart?

We understand that cooking is an art form, and our goal is to be your trusted partner in the kitchen. That’s why our packaging includes helpful recipe suggestions and usage tips, empowering you to explore new culinary horizons and create unforgettable meals for your loved ones.

With Khatu Masale, you’re not just purchasing spices; you’re joining a community of passionate food enthusiasts. We invite you to embark on a flavor-filled journey with us, where the authenticity of Indian spices meets the creativity of your kitchen. Let our spices be your secret ingredient, allowing you to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary masterpieces.

Experience the essence of Khatu Masale and elevate your cooking to new heights. Embrace the flavors, savor the aromas, and delight in the sensory adventure that awaits you. Trust in Khatu Masale, where every spice tells a story, and every dish becomes a memorable experience.


Mr. Shaligram Shantaram Khatu an enthusiastic foresighted person is the promoter of the project. He is running the unit of spices production from the year 1980 and his spices are branded as “Khatu Masale”. Mr. Shaligram Khatu is in this line of business for last 30 years. He has started the business in small size and developed gradually and presently he is having market almost 80% of the market share in Ratnagiri and 50% share in Sindhudurg district and 30% market share in Raigad district. His ambition to enhace his share in the present market and secure sizable share in entire Maharashtra. The promoter/proprietor has a good technical knowledge. He has himself developed formulas of various spices. His both sons who are looking to the farm are aware of the trend of business and one son in knowing the functioning of Machinery and having knowledge of repairing in care of need and other son is master in the production portfolio. Mr. Khatu very well knows the mahcinery requirement for the project and to handle the same. He has wide experience in this line and as a result, he has well established contacts with raw material suppliers, prominent dealers and customer.

Our Most Popular Masale

In the modern society, ready made spices are very popular both in urban as well as in rural areas, in the riches class and poor class. These are available in different variations viz. Punjabi, malvani etc. so ready made spices have large demands from all the section of the population.

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